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Chapter 10: Phase III: A Look Ahead to the Post-Dollar-Bubble World

We'd love to say that after Phase I (the Bubblequake) and Phase II (the coming Aftershock), the worst will be behind us. Unfortunately, our analysis does not bear that out. In fact, there will be no way to avoid the miseries of Phase III: the post-dollar-bubble world.

Preparing for Phase III will be the subject of our next book, but we thought you might like a bit of a look now to see what we're in for. It isn’t pretty. There won't be much to like about the post-dollar-bubble world (other than the wild profits you can make if you follow our advice now in Chapter 6). Once the dollar has fallen in Phase II, life in these United States and around the world will be profoundly changed in Phase III. Before you get too depressed, it’s good to know that we will surely pull ourselves out of this mess in Phase IV when we start to make some of the changes that will lead us to real prosperity; even more than we had before.

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