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Chapter 5: Covering Your Assets: How Not to Lose Money

For most people, the advice we are about to give you on how not to lose money during the Bubblequake and Aftershock is far more important than any of our good investment ideas (offered in the next chapter) about how to cash in on it. We understand that no one likes to hear this. Most of us find making money far more interesting than simply not losing it. But knowing how to protect yourself is absolutely crucial to surviving and thriving in the months and years ahead, so please don’t skip this part. If you only pay attention to one page in this book, this should be the one.

There are just two simple rules for where not to invest as the bubbles fall:


  • Rule #1: Stay away from stocks and real estate until after the dollar bubble pops.
  • Rule #2: Stay away from long-term bonds and all fixed-rate investments (including whole life insurance).


We said simple rules; we did not say easy. After years of investing in stocks, real estate, and fixed-rate investments, we know that the idea of pulling out of these bulwarks of modern wealth building may feel counterintuitive and just plain wrong. Here's why you have to bite the Bubblequake bullet and do it anyway.

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