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Got Macro?
Readers of Aftershock (Wiley, 2011) and America's Bubble Economy (Wiley, 2006) are aware of the authors' accurate predictions that have already proven true, as well as the treacherous macroeconomic trends that will erode the US economy in the next several months and years ahead.  But what no book can tell you is how to actively apply these big-picture ideas to your own particular situation – what we call “Aftershock in Action.”  In truth, no one can tell you exactly how to protect yourself, your family, or your business as America’s bubble economy continues to fall.  What we can do, however, is offer you private, customized Macroeconomic Aftershock Consulting that can help you find your own best path through these difficult times.


When to Act?
Passively waiting for things to “get worse” before taking action is like waiting for a hurricane to hit before battening down the hatches.  We believe that individuals and organizations who position themselves correctly now (due to either good macro thinking or just plain good luck) will be able to protect, and even grow, their assets during the coming economic crisis, while most will not.  It is hard to imagine now just how dangerous the future falling economy will become for families and businesses that right now are doing reasonably well.  The difference between tomorrow's winners and losers will come down to, not how well we are doing now, but how well each of us will navigate through a series of difficult decisions.  It is always decisions, decisions, decisions, both big and small, that ultimately determine future outcomes.  As many investors already know, you can get it right 90 percent of the time, and that 10 percent of getting it not-so-right can be your undoing.  How true that will be as we move forward, which is why we wrote the books, and why we want to help you even further now.

What is Macroeconomic Aftershock Consulting?
Macroeconomic Aftershock Consulting does not tell you what to do; it helps you think through what to do as you make your own critical decisions now and in the dangerous months and years ahead, based on the macroeconomic ideas in America’s Bubble Economy and Aftershock, by David Wiedemer, Robert Wiedemer, and Cindy Spitzer.

How Does It Work?
Macroeconomic Aftershock Consulting with coauthor Cindy Spitzer is usually conducted by telephone and is entirely confidential.  If you wish, you may submit a list of questions by email prior to the call, but that is not required.  Telephone sessions typically take about 60 minutes, but have no set time limit and will continue for as long as needed. The non-refundable fee for Aftershock Consulting with Cindy Spitzer is $595, paid at the end of the call and only after you are fully satisfied.  In-person meetings are also possible at a higher fee.  Please contact us for details.

Ongoing Support
After your initial session, you will become a full member of our popular Aftershock IRP service for one year (normally $305/yr), which includes the monthly Aftershock newsletter, live conference calls, email alerts, and more.  In addition, individuals and organizations may choose ongoing Macroeconomic Aftershock Consulting on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis with Cindy Spitzer, depending on your needs.  These may be private calls or access to small group conference calls at a reduced price.  Written Macroeconomic Risk Assessment reports for businesses are also available.


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